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You just learned that you need a new crown or other dental treatment that you didn't budget for. Don't worry! We offer interest-free financing with CareCredit that enables you to get the treatment you need right away and pay down the balance over several months.

CareCredit works like a credit card for certain health and wellness needs. Applying online at CareCredit.com is easy, or you can ask a member of our team for assistance. Once you're approved, you can choose the length of time you think you'll need to pay off the balance. Short-term financing of 6, 12, or 18 months is available with CareCredit, and if you pay the balance within the agreed period, you won't have to pay any interest.

You can continue to use CareCredit for further dental treatment, vision and hearing care, dermatology, and veterinary expenses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Apricot Dental, we work with most PPO insurance plans, and we will work with you to make sure you receive the maximum coverage available under your plan.

The following is only a partial listing of the PPO plans we work with. If you don't see yours, but you have a PPO plan, the chances are that we will accept it. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or to confirm that we work with your insurance:


Blue Cross/Blue Shield



Delta Dental



United Concordia

United Healthcare

If you're uninsured or need help with your out-of-pocket expenses, we also accept CareCredit. Please visit our financial page for more details.

Mother & Daughter | Oral Cancer Rockwall TXYes, we have been screening all of our patients for possibility of Oral Cancer. Dr. Randhawa is very diligent about it and carefully examines the outside and inside tissues of the oral cavity for detection of any lumps, red or white spots. If she finds a small growth inside the mouth, she completely removes it with soft tissue laser and sends it for Biopsy. If the growth seems to be bigger or more concerning, she refers patients to oral surgeons or oral pathologists for further investigation.

Every patient has unique needs, and there are numerous procedures we perform. So, it’s difficult to predict precisely how long yours will take, but on average, most appointments run about 45 to 90 minutes. When we schedule your dental procedure, we will be able to give you a better idea of the time it will take for you.

One thing you will notice that’s different at Apricot Dental is the undivided attention you will receive from Dr. Randhawa. We understand that you invest a lot in your oral health, and we owe it to you to make the most of the time we spend with you.

For this reason, Dr. Randhawa schedules and sees only one patient at a time. This means she won’t be running in and out of your treatment room to tend to other patients, and she won’t disappear for long stretches at a time.

We also offer flexible office hours so you can plan your appointment to fit your schedule. We’re open on Mondays and Wednesdays until 6 PM, and we start at 7:30 AM on Fridays.

If you have a question about a particular procedure, or you need to schedule an appointment, please call our Rockwall, TX dental office.

We know our valued patients are busy, which can make it difficult to schedule convenient dental appointments. At Apricot Dental, we don’t just say we’re here for you; we have designed our hours so you can get the high-quality care you need when it’s convenient for you.

Our dental office is open five days a week. We stay until 6 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays and start our day at 7:30 AM on Fridays. You can easily schedule appointments for your family before or after school or work. Our extended morning and evening hours also make it more likely that our dental office will be open if you break a tooth or have another dental emergency.

Please call our Rockwall, TX dental office at (972) 961-9003 to arrange an appointment that fits your scheduling needs. Or you can email us by using our convenient online contact form.

If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (972) 961-9003
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