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Will I get a silver filling or a white filling?

Since she graduated from dental school in 2003, Dr. Randhawa has been exclusively restoring teeth with next-generation tooth-colored composite fillings. There are so many benefits to choosing tooth-colored fillings that she doesn't feel the need to place silver amalgam fillings at our Rockwall dental office.

There are several benefits to choosing tooth-colored material to fill cavities and restore your oral health:

  • A composite of glass and resin particles gives tooth-colored fillings a natural appearance that resembles dental enamel.
  • The material can be shaded to match surrounding teeth for a seamless repair.
  • After the filling material is placed and shaped to mimic the structure of your tooth, even you won’t be able to see where the filling ends, and your tooth begins.
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings are durable and can last between five and seven years.
  • Since the material resembles tooth enamel, we can also use composite material to improve the shape of a tooth and correct smile flaws like chipped or broken teeth.
  • Unlike silver fillings, we can be conservative with the amount of healthy tooth structure we need to remove to create a durable repair.

If you have a cavity or want to change the appearance of a tooth, call Apricot Dental to learn more about tooth-colored fillings at our Rockwall, TX dental office.

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