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Porcelain Onlay is the Solution in Rockwall, TX

Failing metal filling on last molar with decay on tongue side was successfully replaced with Porcelain Onlay. Not only a cosmetic improvement but also a very conservative approach, notice that enamel on outside and inside walls was left intact whereas for a crown, it would have to be shaved.

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I am no longer afraid to visit the dentist thanks to Dr. Randhawa. Last year I had to get multiple fillings and a root canal. She did all of my fillings and put on my crown. The crown looks so great that it even fooled my orthodontist! She was very attentive to my pain levels during my procedures and even has a trick to help out with cold sensitivity. I would HIGHLY recommend setting up an appointment to see Dr. Randhawa... as long as you don’t steal my appointment time!

- Del M.

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